Love Symbols Clutch... Yay or Nay???

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  1. Hey ladies, my second year anniversary with my DB is at the end of this month and he gave me the green light on another Chanel piece to add to my collection. I preordered the Love symbols clutch in silver for NM's Incircle event... Love the clutch, but I'm scared it's meant to ruin easily. Another thing is the ridiculous price! I haven't any metallic pieces yet and the silver w/ the pearls is just a beautiful combination. Does anyone out there own it and loves it? Pros? Cons?
  2. i adore it..go for it

    I played with it at SAKS,It fit my iphone and looked very sturdy.I fell in love with it
  3. I have not seen this bag IRL but my concern is with the pearl strap. Is it really delicate? I would be afraid it would break. I have the same concern with the pearl straps on the Westminster flap, which I also have not seen IRL.

  4. Jill: is the iPhone the only thing it could fit??? Jennifer: I'm worried about the quality on the faux pearl handles too... I saw this in the book and loved the silver! Lol
  5. Ooooh - go for it! I fell in love with this little bag when I saw it in the NM catalog, too. So, I went to Chanel (it is backordered at NM) and bought the silver one. It fits my phone, credit card and money in the zip pouch, key and lipstick. Happy anniversary!
  6. I saw this in silver at NM Boston Copley. I looked tiny! Jill I'm surprised it fit your iphone!

    It is adorable! You have to figure that they used something pretty sturdy to hold the pearls together. If you love it, buy it!!!!
  7. Ninja sue: how is the leather? Are you using it for special occasions only? My sister said it would be something that I wouldn't get much out of.... Anyway, compared to the iPhone.. How much larger is it??? Can you fit your keys? I honestly love small bags and carry with me only the essentials... Thanks!
  8. Im NOT a fan of small bags and I HAVE to have this.It looks very well made...and thats a first for CHanel lately
  9. I am a small bag fan (mostly Hermes). And I can say that this bag is smaller than small. In a mini Birkin, I can carry an Hermes wallet, paperback book, sunnies, lipgloss, checkbook, pens and other stuff. But, this little Chanel is only about the size of a sunglasses case. There is an outer compartment (in it, I put one key and a lipstick), middle zipped compartment (I carried a credit card and some cash) and another compartment on the other side (it just fit my Samsung smartphone). I have worn this bag once so far (to a funeral - it looks great with all black!!) but I do love it. It is definitely not an everyday bag but more for special nights out. HTH!!
  10. Omg it's about the size of a sunglass case???? Do you think it will fit into w m/l flap??? since you said the size is super small.. I'm contemplating on getting a woc then??? dang I just need to see it IRL
  11. Actually it would probably fit in a medium flap
  12. good to know! Thx Jill! I need to just see it and play with it before my SA rings me up for Oct's Incircle event.... It's just so pretty though... I'm still debating if I want to just take the plunge with this or go and splurge on a patent classic... (I should've bought my patent pre-increase) I'm totally kicking myself in the a$$ right about now! Does anybody remember off hand if the patent jumbos are more than the caviar jumbos? Did the chervons get affected during the price increase?
  13. My cell phone camera is horrible but I snapped a quick pic inside my closet of the Love Symbols mini sitting next to a black lambskin mini Flap. This will show you how tiny the Love Symbols bag really is. For other reference, the bags behind the Chanels are Hermes - two mini Birkins and two mini Bolides. They look huge compared to the Love Symbols!

  14. go for it. i want one myself!