LOVE STORY valentines day R.A.O.K.

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  1. anyone interested? i just think this would be so much fun, since MJ has the hearts theme going on this season and all. what do you all think? anyone interested? i'd be more than happy to take on running this cant be that hard right? like a single gift RAOK? what do all the MJ gals think?
  2. I am interested, as I took a break after the Halloween now I am ready and able to LOVE it up! I think at this time of the year we could all use a little bit o' more love...don't you?
  3. Actually behind-the-scene plans have been in the works for a Valentine's Day RAOK for a few days now. Melly had planned on returning for the next RAOK all along. She just needed a little help running the holiday one. :yes:

    Look for the official thread this weekend! :tup:
  4. thanks for getting the interest going again junie! :heart:

    wooo! yay melly!
  5. Oh im soo excited to see we're going to have one for valentines day!! Thanks melly!!
  6. I'm in!
  7. Yay!! Mellly is back!!! I can't wait for you to start it M! You did such a great job for the girls in the past! (Cheryl, you rocked too girl!)
  8. great! i was going to offer to run it, but if melly is back and want's to take in on, that's fine too. let me know if you need any help :tup:
  9. yayyy i am loving this idea! love you all!
  10. Can
  11. Ooops sorry about that. Can someone tell me what you guys usually get for each other? I'd be interested in this but I wouldn't want to get someone something lame :sweatdrop:
  12. Thanks so much!
  13. you could probably also check out the previous RAOK on the sticky..