Love Silk Bracelet

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  1. Hi!

    I recently purchased one, and I picked my first color. If I go to another boutique and need about 2-3 more colors so I can take on a trip to match different outfits, would they give it to me? Or do they generally switch it out one by one and knot it for you?

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  2. If you have a good relationship with the sales associate they will give you extra cord to take home with you if you ask (especially if you don’t live in the area and have to travel far to get to the boutique) but usually you would have to go in each time you want your cord changed. It definitely doesn’t hurt to ask :smile: hope this helps
  3. That helps. Thanks!
  4. I was curious if they would do this but have never asked.
    Would you be able to tie it in the special knot?
  5. It’s not something that’s easy and def takes some practice I would recommend just going into the boutique and getting it done properly but if you don’t live close to one then it’s worth asking
  6. I live 3 hours from my boutique and they have always provided extra cords when I have asked for them. Just google how to tie the knot. It takes a little practice but it is doable.
  7. Cartier actually gave me a piece of paper on how to tie the knot a few years back when I bought my silk cord bracelet. I could look for it if you need it.
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