Love seeing LV on people when out and about

  1. I have been working part time at a French and English antique shop in an affluent suburb of Minneapolis and see many ladies come into the shop with their LV's. Today I had a nice chat with a customer in her 60's who was carrying a well-loved speedy 25. (It was definitely not new and had a deep patina) She said she loves her LV's and use them all the time...another example of how timeless LV truly is!!
  2. I concur! I love seeing who carries what, especially when I see an older lady with a well-loved bag. I was in my boutique and an older lady (70's) came in wearing her Boulounge (think I butchered that) that had a really deep patina; then I saw another well-made up lady (again 70s-80), with her caregiver/companion in the shop, didn't see her bag but she was deciding on a Palermo or a Neverfull-I thought how cool is that!?
  3. Its awesome to see older ladies rock their LV' classy!!!!
  4. Agreed!!! I love how LV is for all ages!
  5. ^ That goes to show that there is no age limit on using an LV or any designer handbag in that manner and i sure love seeing people with LV just last week on one day i saw about 5 people with different LV's which was great to see, it really made may day as i had a stressful examination that week.
  6. I also love seeing LV when I'm out and about. It's nice how it's so timeless and women of all ages carry them. It's just disappointing how the number of fakes I see is increasing. I was at the mall the other day and saw at least 5 really bad fake ones :sad:
  7. I know a lot of people don't like seeing their bags on others, but I love it! In fact that's how I decided to buy my Damier Speedy. I saw it on a college-aged girl, a woman in her 30s and a woman who was probably in her 40s, and it looked AMAZING and classy on all of them! I love that!!
  8. I absolutely love it as well. Where I am I hardly see any LVs; fake or real. So when I see someone with a real one I have to hold myself back from going into bag-stalker mode :shame:.
  9. ^^^ :yes: yup, I feel the same way!
  10. Sadly where I live, I see more horrid fakes than real ones.

    But I guess that when I do see a real one, it's more "meaningful" :biggrin:

    LV in real life seriously is breathtaking.... I visited a boutique last month after almost half a year of not being in one, and it really did take my breath away. Pictures do NOT do most of these bags justice!
  11. I love seeing LV out and about too! Which is why i take pictures! :whistle:
    IMG_1058.jpg IMG_0478.jpg

  12. Very cool!!!
  13. ^^ita loVE The PicS@@!
  14. I love love love seeing other ladies wearing their (authentic please) bags and wallets!!! I know this sounds crazy but it makes my heart race and skip a beat, then I get all excited and poke my husband in the ribs and whisper "that lady just had an LV!!" and he's like so what? lol....
  15. OMG I love those pics!! Thanx!