Love screw

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  1. When my bracelet is screwed on ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458858816.506671.jpg the way it's supposed to be, the screw is off center, which is not a huge deal but is that typical of your guys' bracelets too?
  2. Mine is like that too :smile:
  3. Okay thank you luciness-- I'm like am I the only one? Ha
  4. Completely normal :smile:
  5. Yes mine is like that too, and the one on the other side is also a different direction.
  6. Mine too!
  7. Same here!
  8. I was like my bracelet is defective hahahhaha
  9. All good, mine, too :smile:. Only one screw though.
    Helps me to check if the screws moved and if I am wearing my bracelet with the "correct" side up.
  10. Arwen--- what's the correct side up?
  11. There is no real correct side, only for me. I always wear the same side up as the side down scratches a bit more than the other does. So to keep at least one side a little bit more pristine I do this. Have to confess I often bang the upper side against something instead, so in the end I guess it makes no difference. Still, I am ocd about this, lol.
  12. Hey thanks! Storm spirit! I actually never ran into that conversation.