Love RTW

  1. I'm waitlisted for a couple of the Love RTW pieces but I am wondering about the Tee/Top. I'm confused as to how I would actually wear it, as a top or dress. Thoughts?


  2. you're so petite , I'd say a cute!:cutesy:
  3. I don't know... Think it's better as a layer top over something sassy.
  4. I think it looks best as a long top- as a dress the taste level is questionable.
  5. ^That's what I was thinking!
  6. sleepware or layering?
  7. It's going to look great as a top, with leggings or skinny jeans
  8. hehe- you're right! By itself, it looks kinda like a nightshirt.
  9. I think it'd look hot with jeans and your new silver does look like a nightie when the model wears it alone...
  10. What she said!:smile:
  11. Did you get the silver ones, too??

    I think you would look great in it!
  12. Michelle,

    I think it's intended for layering, so maybe have like a tank underneath and something like leggings? I like's not too plain but also not too out there..
  13. I love these but wish they weren't so pricey! That's almost a new bag and I just can't see myself spending that much on a shirt lol.
    Anyway I'd definitely do some layering and put it over a cute pair of jeans or something.
  14. How much are they?
  15. maybe with shorts and hot heels.