LOVE reveal!

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  1. So... back in a LOVE again!! I just couldn't stop wanting one, even after all the problems I'd had with one falling off on me!

    This is my new YG size 18... love it so much! And I had it engraved with my family's names, so it's truly a love bracelet. :smile:

    I had the SA screw it on and it hasn't budged in 3 weeks... hoping that is a good sign! I know you've seen a zillion pics of the plain gold but thought I'd share mine anyway! :smile:

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  2. THIS is sooooo beautiful I wish I had mine engraved .... when I purchased mine nothing was mentioned about engraving. This makes the bracelet so much more special imo . I now really desperately want another for the engraving it’s beautiful
    Congratulations :smile:
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  3. Was it engraved at Cartier or another jeweller ? I love the engraving it’s beautifully done . Flawless !
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  4. Beautiful, congrats!
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  5. Thank you! Yes I had Cartier do it and it was complimentary! :smile: They did a beautiful job! I don't think I'd trust anyone else!
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  6. Thank you!!
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  7. Aww thank you! I'm sure they would engrave yours, it was free when I bought mine! I hope to hand it down to one of my girls one day as the "family bracelet." :smile:
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  8. Lovely touch to get it engraved. Love it !!
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  9. Looks beautiful!!! I have debated getting one of mine engraved. I'm still within the 3 month period but I don't want to part with it for that long. LOL....
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  10. Awww the engraving is so special!! Congratulations!! [emoji173]️
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  11. Beautiful! Enjoy this everyday, especially knowing about the names secretly there!
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  12. Congrats!! The engraving is beautiful!
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  13. Awww congratulations! :biggrin: