Love Quotes Scarves

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  1. Helloooo ladies~! :yahoo:

    i searched the forum and realised that there's NOTHING about these gorgeous scarves....! :wtf: ok honestly, i don't know that much about them except they're VERY popular with the celebs (i.e. olsen twins, lindsay lohan, etc u know the scarf wearing circle:P), and 10% goes to charity! they're also pretty affordable at $85 and they come in sooooooo many DELICIOUS colours!!! :drool:

    let me know what u guys think..!! :yes:

    ATTN BALENCIAGA ADDICTS: they come in bag matching addictive colours! :yahoo:




  2. o these look nice!! Do you know what they are made of? They almost look like pashmina to me...
  3. Nice basic scarf... It's great that they go charity... I would pick them over another brand that retails for a similar for that!
  4. they're Italian linen! :yes:
  5. oh DOH, how could i forget to mention?! :shame: They also have inspirational quotes by confucius, m.theresa etc engraved on them... hence the name...
  6. I have it in dove grey, I love it!
  7. ^ is the material soft like a pashmina or is it thinner and stiffer? In some photos I've seen, the material looks thin and stringy, a bit like hemp or linen.
  8. good point! actually... judging by the pics and descriptions on pink mascara, looks like they differ between colours :shrugs:.
  9. i love them!! i just bought one in black. the material is not AS soft as pashmina, but it's still pretty soft. it feels like an extremely soft linen. i definitely wouldn't describe it as stiff in any way.
  10. Ooh, they look really nice. I'm tempted to get one! Maybe the Espresso coloured one.
  11. I like them! Plus you can't beat that part of the proceeds go to charity. I might have to pick one up myself!
  12. Super cute!
  13. Gorgeous colors!! I'm getting one in blue
  14. what kind of quotes do they have on them??