Love Quotes Scarves $48 @!

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  1. They have Maritime, Cosmopolitan, Solar, Framboise, Artichoke, Espresso, and Papaya.

    No code required. They're trying to get rid of all of their winter items.
  2. thanks!
  3. thank you!
  4. Thanks! I got one in Espresso. First LQ scarf, will see if I like it or not.
  5. #5 Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    No problem, ladies!

    : I think you'll love it! The linen LQs are my favorite (and Espresso is a great neutral color.. kind of like their Cocoshell.) I recently got one in Solar and it hangs so beautifully without much effort. Too bad I discovered this sale after I bought it and took the tags off... :Push:

    edit: FYI, I think they sold out of Maritime.
  6. Just ordered my first one too... can't wait to get it!
  7. I was between Espresso and Artichoke... went with Espresso but I'm tempted to order both... :Push:
  8. I really want to order one, but do you know which shipping courier they use to ship to Canada? It doesnt say on their website. Im afraid of customs taxes if its UPS.
  9. On the checkout screen it says UPS. No other options. :sad:
  10. ^Thanks Prayes for the info. It is the dreaded UPS. =(
    But the price is awesome!
  11. No problem... it's free shipping for normal UPS ground, if that helps. I'm sure there will be another deal on LQ somewhere else soon. I ordered another one, impulsively. And I'm going to bed before I order a 3rd... haha.
  12. thanks so much! i ordered one in cosmopolitan and a purple tolani scarf =)
  13. I love to have one too.. but shipping to Australia is $ 80+ :crybaby:

    Thanks anyway
  14. Thanks so much!!~ They had Frambois and Papaya left and I ordered the Papaya.
  15. ahhhhhhhh i was hunting all over for LQ deals last night and would've loved cosmo and artichoke! dammit. now all they have left is framoise and papaya. sad. thank you for posting though!