Love!prada Grey Small Trunk Bag!!!!!!

  1. Went to Saks ...sigh..Jill is in LOVE with this bag....Gettin it for the EGC event....its 2970...but i ADORE IT!

    My SA took this with my IPHONE....
  2. ackkkkkkk..I think that's the one i saw at nm last night. But it was hand held only.

    Jill - does yours have a long strap? What are the dimensions?

    Great bag :smile:

    Oh - do you know if Saks is getting any other styles (like the two Prada told me about today in my thread?) Sorry for all the questions...I'm a woman Prada Posessed!!!
  3. This is the smallest one...NO LONG STRAP..Hand held only..But Im still lovin it..VERY CHIC looking!
    There are 3 trunk sizes...and 2 color varaiations I have seen.The grey and the bone colors..Prefer the grey
  4. ok, this is starting to make was your first one the large or medium???

    and I agree...the gray is TDF...
  5. the one they sent me was the MEDIUM..BIG.The large is like a piece of luggage(GINORMOUS!)
  6. Jill, beautiful bag! And your iPhone takes great pics! :smile:
  7. ^thanks girl!I have a feelin I cant wait till EGC ..LOL...and will get this this weekend..**SIGH!**
  8. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I knew I shouldn't look at this thread....I LOVE IT!!!

    When is that Saks EGC again???? ;)
  9. ^AUG 23!!!a Thursday....
  10. Gorgeous bag Jill congrats!
  11. The grey leather looks AMAZING! Nice pick Jill!
  12. That's really cute! I love the color!
  13. Love this bag, been drooling over it since I saw it last week at NM.........pricey, but ooh-la-la!! I think this is the only bag I've truly 'fallen' for this season.
  14. I really like that alot !!
  15. Love, love, LOVE your bag! I saw it in person and it's perfection! In addition to the trunks, Neiman's will also be getting a large tote version in this line with a detachable strap. I saw a pic and it's also TDF. It's the same style as this nylon bag only in the grey/black leather combination. I think it also comes in bone/black leather. Bet this one will be stunning IRL too!

    P.S. After looking at another thread I think the pic I was shown was the large trunk and not a true tote. Sorry about that!
    prada tote.jpg