LoVe PM in Ecru :)

  1. I like it! :tup:
    Sorry for the blurry piccy, gives you an idea of the size. It's the size of a Reade, would make a nice runaround tote! I couldn't take that one home cos it was the display piece :p

    And I finally got to try the Evidence! *swoon*
    The black is a bit too manly for me, so I'm waiting for my burgundy :smile:
    IMAGE_062.jpg IMAGE_064.jpg
  2. congrats! the Love2 tote looks perfect with your ensemble.... very sweet :yes: you really have great style and taste ;)

    im also waiting for the Evidences in burgundy. i got to try the black ones last week, but they're just too similar to my Millionaires.
  3. :blush: Thanks, D!
    A pity the Evidence doesn't come in the same cool case you got for your Millionaires. I'm jealous! :p
  4. Congrat's, very cute!
  5. yeah, but that wooden coffin spends most of its life insde a box. its merely for presentation.
  6. thxs to sharing..
  7. Those Sunnies really suit you!
    I still don't know about those LVoe totes. :s
  8. Oh I cannot wait to see pics of the evidence in Burgundy, I bet they are amazing as the black looks quite nice, but I know what you mean about it being too masculine.
  9. you're so pretty, congrats!!
  10. Honestly, well it was 'just' a canvas tote, but not any canvas tote, cos it has the LoVe signature that just perks it up, lol :graucho:
  11. I'm really liking the tote and the sunnies looks great too.
  12. very cute!!
  13. looks about the same size as the antigua PM
  14. omg i cant decide if I want one or not! Your pics has me SET on the ecru but the ecru doesnt come in MM!
  15. Tote look great on you! You have to buy one:graucho: