Love Paris Hiltons Hair

  1. I love the long blonde hair Paris is famous for!!!! My hair is currently blonde and a bit past my shoulders:yahoo:
  2. Eh, too stringy for me. I like her in her real hair the best.
  3. Mmm, her hair is all extensions. Fake, fake, fake. She has to get it done professionally very often because her natural hair is a real state. I'm sure yours is much nicer! :smile:
  4. I think I prefered Paris with short hair to the long hair she has now.
  5. I am with others, I think she wears extensions. I also think she looks better in her natural hair.
  6. I agree with the above comments. Her long extensions look.. fake.. and she looks much better with short hair.
  7. ^Oh she definitely wears extensions. I've seen her with short hair in People on week and the next week she has super long hair.

    I really don't know how celebrities get away with doing all of these horrible things to their hair. It seems celebs like Lindsay Lohan change hair colors every 5 minutes, yet their hair still looks so healthy. I wish I had celebrity hairstylists at my beck and call.
  8. I love her hairrr! My hairs about the same length as hers at her longest..except mines all natural no extensions.
  9. i agree too!
  10. Agreed! :smile: