LoVe or Street

  1. Hey fellow TPFers! Can you please give me opinions and help me decide on the two bags?

    1. LoVe canvas tote bag
    2. Street PM (Red or Gold?)

    I don't think I want to splurge on both so I'm limiting myself to one (hard to resist but true)! Both are at the same price range here in Australia. Also, let me know which color for the Street PM you guys think is better? Thanks! :smile:

    Ps. It would be great to also hear thoughts from people who've seen these bags IRL? Truth is, I've only seen the LoVe tote.
  2. LoVe tote! Though I like the look of Street better, but it's going to be hard to find outfits that complements it. LoVe seems more approachable :yes:
  3. Thanks chic! But the thing holding me back is the price. The tote's canvas while the street is full leather at only another $100 more? Hmmm... go figure LV huh?
  4. ITA, at least it's canvas, my Mirroirs are PVC:p
  5. I say the Street in Gold. It's woven leather, the Lvoe is cute but will get ruined to easily I really think the canvas one is a little too plain for it's money. I wouldn't go for the red/blue street because I think it's a little ironic KWIM but the biege/gold is cute and because it's quite neutral in colors should be easy to wear plus the PM is a nice size
  6. IF you are a guy (I am assuming from your avatar and also your collection), I would get the Street, probably in Gold. The LVOE tote is canvas and in my opinion too feminine for a guy. If you are a girl though, I would still recommend the Street, the woven leather is beautiful and def. better made than the LVOE totes!
  7. Hi and welcome to tPF! I'm not a fan of the Braided Leather line, my vote is for That's Love Tote! But, the Street Shopper would suit a man more.
  8. ^^ Michelle, that avatar is gorgeous!
  9. street
  10. Ack. I personally have seen both in person and don't like either so this is hard. The LVOE totes look like something you can put together yourself and the Braided Leather ones look like the totes you can buy anywhere that people lug laundry and groceries in.
    I suppose I'd go for the Street though, just because it's a little more complicated looking than the LVOE tote and not nearly as plain.
  11. okie... I don't like both either....but I'd choose the LVoe one amongst the 2
  12. pics?
  13. LVOE tote (from Chanelmama on eBay)

    Street PM in red/blue from eboutique on eBay
  14. I prefer the Street PM in red.
  15. I'd say Street. It's a little bit more interesting. I don't really like the red/blue combo, but I haven't seen the other colors so I don't know which to prefer.

    The LoVe logo is cute, but the tote is much better in the satiny versions. I don't think it's worth it at all in the canvas version. Even the embroidered logo lacks in this version.