love or hate?

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  1. i think if this were bigger (its only 9") i would LOVE it...

    i definitely love the color

    but how do you feel about the shapeless shape?


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  2. Hate. Reminds me of a boxing bag sorry.
  3. no need for apologies!
    i love the color but wasn't sure about the whole shapelness thing
    (of course now i'm in a horror of leather handbags because of that other thread)
  4. i used to have a bag like that. i bought it cause it was cheap but loved it cause i could put ANYTHING in there!
  5. why did you get rid of it?!!

  6. lol i think i may be a chronic clutterer :X
    it got dirty VERY easily. so in a random "spring" cleaning episode i got rid of it :blush:
  7. Not a fan of the design or the color. Sorry S. I like more structured bags.
  8. Sorry, doesn't do anything for me.
  9. The shape is kind of eh to me.
  10. I like the color. But not the shape ...
  11. Doesn't do anything at all for me, sorry.
  12. like the color not the shape :sad:
  13. Not for me
  14. I don't care for the color or style.
  15. #15 Sep 25, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2010
    Color - beautiful!
    Shape - not fond of

    ETA: You know the color kind of reminds me of this LP bag, though it's a bit darker -