Love my totally unplanned new purchase!

  1. I know there's not a whole lotta love for dooney bags on the forum. But I'm so in love with my new, totally unplanned, spontaneous purchase. It's a leather drawstring bag. Leather is supple and thick. Wears well on the shoulder. The stitching is fabulous. The interior is a nice red with zipper pocket, leather cell phone holder and a long key holder. Opens and closes easily.

    It is not a heavy bag, and holds so much! I got it on sale at $180 at Lord and Taylor's while shopping for a dress. I was not even looking to buy a bag! But couldn't resist the craftmanship. I may even buy one in black for the winter.:yahoo:

    Here's a picture I found:
  2. Your bag is lovely! Isn't it great when you find something that just "works"?
  3. Beautiful bag!!!