Love my Speedies BUT....

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  1. 1. It is too uncomfortable to pass your hand into the handles because it's just a bit tight. I wish that the handles were just a bit longer
    2. I can't wear bracelets nor a watch while using my Speedies because I might scratch the handles when I let the handles slip from my from
    Arms to
    My hand
    3. Difficult to open the bag while carrying on by hand

    Do you have the sme problem?
  2. Another thing that is tough is after using a public restroom it very hard to wash your hands. I don't want to set her on the sink where it wet, she doesn't go up far enough on my arm to get both hands under the water so I normally hold her between my knees. I get many "oh brother" looks :wacko: like I'm crazy.. Oh well don't want her to get wet :lol:
  3. +1. This is my only 'dislike' with my Speedy. If I can even say dislike as my Speedy is my all time favorite bag. :smile:
  4. love my Speedys!!! no problems (except the restroom/hand washing one!!!)
  5. Yes this one too!!! It's a relief to see that I am not the only one.
  6. I hated when I went to the grocery store and I had to push the cart and my bag would keep sliding down onto my hand. I don't put my bags in the cart. I hated when I was clothes shopping and I had to throw some stuff on my arm that I wanted to try on but I wasn't done arm with my Speedy, with clothes on top, HEAVY! Such a pain! I loved, loved, loved my Speedy 30 DE but no shoulder strap got in the way of comfort. She is no longer with me. :sad:
  7. Yeah i agree. And its also hard to carry
    when i go shopping
  8. Agreed +1. Hate this but LVOE my speedy (x3)
  9. I don't find the speedy very practical. ie. only being able to carry it on your arm.

    Thats why the speedy B is perfect!
  10. yeah speedies aren't very practical are they... lol
    That is why i purchased and sold the mono speedy 3x ....
    For some reason the 3rd time i just had to have her again and i am keeping her even though i don't really use it ........ I'm hoping to use my speedies more when my kids are a bit older and with the price increases it would be silly to sell them
    They can just look beautiful in my closet for now :lol:
    Markxmikesmom SO TRUE! I also put them between my knees while washing my hands i probably look so silly to everyone else bahaha
  11. This one is the huge one for me. I only carry my bag on my right side so I can still wear a watch (thank goodness; I'd probably ditch a top-handle bag over wearing a watch!) but any jewellery is out because I've learned the hard way how top-handle bags and jewellery don't mix. The sacrifices we make for these bags! :P

    Another +1 here! I generally only take a Speedy to the shops when someone else is with me, so if I need to go to the bathroom the other person can Speedy-sit.

    All in all, I love the Speedy design and it was what first attracted me to LV, but... gosh, they work better on other people. :lol:
  12. I have shoulder straps for most of mine. I don't always have it on but it's always in my bag. I need it for the restroom or for shopping so my hands are free! I don't mind the look and kinda like it hanging on my bag.
  13. I agree with everything you say OP - but IMG l just love the feeling l get when carrying a Speedy :smile:
  14. My speedy gets in the way all time and definitely took a while to train my arm to get used to it! I also have toddlers and sometimes i just want to toss it on the floor! When Im not with my kids then it's not too bad and i tend to use it more when going to work and opt for shoulder bags when going shopping. The speedy is still so cute though even with all the trouble it brings :smile:
  15. Yup. I agree. And I have little kids. There's no way I can carry my speedy if they keep clinging onto me. Thank goodness for speedy b.