Love my Saleya PM

  1. :yahoo: This weekend DH and I went to SF to celebrate my new job and our first stop was LV where I got my new love, a Saleya PM. This bag is the best!!!! :love: It is the perfect size for everyday. You can dress it up or down. You can carry it in hand, crook of the arm, or on your shoulder. I am really loving it which is a good thing because it's my last major purchase for a while! :lol:
    81E32DAE-DDDA-45A9-77DD1C375559FDEF.jpg 81E1EEF9-D6FA-C90E-A8263F67D77A8F2B.jpg
  2. What an amazing bag! Congrats!!
  3. I bought my saleya pm 1 week ago and i love it , It is so great. Congrats on yours.
    I love the scarf it makes the bag look so classie.
  4. :love::love::love:It is so nice! Makes me want one even more and making me unsure if the saleya might be better than the speedy especially if it can be worn on th shoulder too!:P

    Congrats on your new puchase!
  5. :cool: That's beautiful, love that scarf also.
  6. Congrat's, your bag is beautiful!!
  7. Thank you all so much! Munchkyn, I went to LV determined to get a Speedy and walked out with the Saleya. I loved the Damier Speedy in person but on me the Saleya just looked great and I liked the fact that it fit on my shoulder if need be. And the alacantra lining...:love: And I love how open it is when you are looking for something inside. I am loving not having to worry about any vachetta also! :lol:
  8. Shhhh crochet....don't tell anyone I'm over here lol!!! I recently bought one of these to replace my cabas piano tote which I sold and missed!! However, I was tired of the mono thing going on -- this IS perfect!! The size the shape...and although I love the idea of the speedy, quite honestly it annoyed me trying to get into it with the zipper, this is perfect - and I love, love the cellphone pocket! Damier is very cool....congrats!
  9. I love my Saleya PM, have it for months now and still the only bag I use most. Goes with everything.
  10. i think it looks great! esp with the hermes scarf !!
  11. Congrats! The more I see these Saleyas on the PF, the more I love them. I definitely see one in my future:graucho: . Love your Hermes pocket square also.
  12. I'm kinda new here and I know this is a stupid question, but what does DH stand for? I'm guessing its an acronym for something other than 'boyfriend'? LOL... let me in on it!
  13. dear hubby/husband
  14. Your just killing me here! I have my mind set on getting the damier speedy but now I just don't know! From your description, the saleya has the functionality of the speedy but with more zipper space, crook of the arm or shoulder possibility and has a cell phone pocket! Wow just too good to be true :P
  15. It's Such A Beautiful Bag!!! Congratulations & Enjoy! :smile:
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