Love my Rouge Zippy, But Leather Not Soft! ??

  1. Here is my dream winter bag, Chloe' Rouge Small Bouler.

    Love the colour. Every authenticy part checks out (although I want to take one more photo inside the strap part, the wrinkle sticks out more, I'm hoping that's okay).

    But she's not very soft... I'm hoping she'll soften up with time. I've been spoiled by my first Paddy, but actually, the two other Chloes I've received have buttery leather. Should I be worried? She's 2006, but so is my Choco.

    Well, here she is!
  2. First of all congrats on a stunning bag!
    My rouge paddy from 06 isn't very soft either although she has already softened up a bit.
    My chocolate from 05 is divine and buttery soft and there is a huge difference in leather between that one and my rouge paddy. My gris vert from 06 is much softer than the rouge but still don't hold a candle to my chocolate.
    I don't think that you should be worried by the fact that it isn't very soft as my rouge paddy also fits your describtion. I purchased mine from LVR so I have no doubts about it's authenticy. It is still a beautiful bag even though the leather isn't as delicios as some of the other paddington bags.
    I think she will soften up more with time.
  3. Congrats on your purchase! Rouge is gorgeous! I have a rouge paddy and the leather is kind of stiff too. She's still new, but I'm sure it will soften as I use her.
  4. Thanks girl! I do love her! :happydance:
  5. Whow that really is a lovely bag, congrats.
  6. Gorgeous bag!!! I love it!
  7. I know exactly what you mean. My DH gave me a large zippy in blanc right after x-mas and it was very stiff leather in comparison to my paddy. It was also TREMENDOUS.... I like big bags, but this actually looked like luggage!! I ended up returning it because I wasn't in love...
    I do like it the red though and I like it cuz it seems like a good size...
  8. That zippy is TDF! Maybe with wear it will soften up a big. But if you don't love it, return it! There will always be another bag to sweep you off of your feet!
  9. Lovely bag! Congrats! Leather should soften up with wear.
  10. LOVE that rouge!!! Hopefully she softens up for you!
  11. I put Coach Moisturizer on this afternoon and it worked okay! It's already somewhat softer!

    No, I love her very much. :yes:
  12. It's getting softer!! I wore it for the first time yesterday, and it was feeling soft. :smile:
  13. The color is amazing. I love reddish hued handbags. It is true that 2006 bags are much stiffer than earlier '06s and even more stiff than '05s. Nothing compares to 2005 leather. Anyhow, with time and use the bag will soften up tremendously.

    Then, like LV patina, you can know that the leather it eventually acquires is particular to your use. And that's a great feeling!
  14. Aw I wouldnt worry it will definatley soften. The weight of things in there will help to soften it too

    Gorgeous bag
  15. Oh, I think it's gorgeous! It will definitely soften up as you use it. The leather since '05 has gotten progessively less squishy, (read cheaper!) even though the prices have gone up. But it looks gorgeous, and it will still be the best bag in the room:smile: BTW, has anyone seen the red in the LARGE zippy??? I would LOVE that.:nuts: