LOVE my Rouge Vif Twiggy...finally it's here!

  1. It took me ages to find this Twiggy in this colour and finally it's here! I must say 'IT'S LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!"

    It's soft, smooth and thick leather.

    I had Rouge Vif First style before (sold it) but i found it's too small for me, so i decided to keep my Marine First for just one bag with that style and had to let my pre-loved Rouge Vif First go.

    Twiggy is my fav style because not too big and not too small for me..just perfect for my stuffs.
    P10108970494.JPG P10108990495.JPG P10109000496.JPG P10109010497.JPG
  2. Gorgeous! Congrats! I have one too and just love it....the color & the style! Definetly one of my faves!
  3. That is one hot-looking Twiggy!! Congrats, she suits you very well!!
  4. I adore your rouge twiggy; it looks fab on you!
  5. looking gorgey! both you and the bag! congrats!
  6. Congrats rouge vif is such a gorgeous color!
  7. HOT HOT HOT!!! Love it!! :heart:
  8. Benzie- you look adorable!!

    Love it...............glad you finally got the style you love!!

  9. really hot!!!

  10. congrats!
  11. Red hot! Love it! Love VIF!
  12. Congrats!! I hope to own something in rogue vif in the future!!
  13. hot bag! congrats on your twiggy!
  14. CONGRATS! I am so glad you got the bag you have been hunting for, it looks GREAT on you. I would love to see a Twiggy IRL... ENJOY!!!
  15. Thank you's really really hot as you said!! the bag of course..hehe