Love my new white Ali!!

  1. Hello.

    I just wanted to share a picture of my new white Ali.
    Thanks to handbag Ashley for convincing me to get it.
    It rocks!!!:smile:
  2. I really like it! I am bummed that I let my SA talk me about of it. It is a great bag.
  3. Becca:

    I am sorry that your SA talked you out of it. I love mine although I am extremely careful with it. I carry baby wipes around when I wear it and try not to set it down anywhere. It is a lovely bag. If there is a PCE in June you should think about getting it. The white is an Antique white which is great year round.

  4. I liked mine a lot but I just didn't like how it looked on me so I got a white legacy shoulder and I'm so in love with it oh my GOD. I'm waiting to take pics until my other goodys come tho. =D

    IT's a LOVELY bag tho, I bet it looks terrifice on you!
  5. wow ali and ergos!
    You're haul is awesome.
    I love it all.
  6. It's gorgeous! I have the white Ali too, and it's just :drool: :drool:
  7. Congrats, I love that bag it is gorgeous. :smile:
  8. Congratulations.
  9. Candy:

    I am sorry that the White Ali did not work out for you.
    The Legacy Shoulder bag in white is terrific as well although I do find it a bit small for me. I just wish Coach would make the Ali or Mandy Courier in the Pond Color. I wrote a letter to Reed Krakoff asking him to do so. Let's see what happens.

    kind regards,
  10. Aww you're sweet. =) Yeah Ali was the PERFECT size for what I wanted to hold but the style just didn't look right on me. I want to keep the Shoulder Bag style but a tiny bit bigger. They need a size inbetween the Mandy and the Shoulder. Just for me. ;)
  11. Liz: great idea! - I love the color too, but bags size for me is the Ali or Mandy -- I can't do the satchel either. I wonder how they decide that exactly?
  12. Now that I've "right-sized" my collection I find that I use an Ali, then Ergo tote, Ali, satchel, Ali, fortunately, I have both black and white, I just keep coming back to Ali. She's great! Take her lunch!
  13. gorgeous!
  14. Congrats-
  15. BEAUTIFUL!! Congrats!!