Love my new Treesje!

  1. A big thanks to all of you who recommended to me the Treesje Garden Grande! :tup: That includes the writer of the spring blog about the Grande.

    Found a tan one on Amazon for the amazing price of $165. They had only one and it took a while to get here. And it arrived with a few marks and spots--obviously a store reject, but those were easily removed with leather cleaner.

    But gosh, I love it! It's soft and well-made. Feminine and just a bit quirky. This is easily the most beautiful purse I own.

    Thanks, guys! (Unfortunately now I want more Treesjes. I'm afraid a beast has been unleashed.)
  2. OMG! I love Treesje bags~ the leather is TDF soft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. pics! where are the pics?
  4. Ok, I'm going to try to upload a picture for the first time. Tell me if this works. Here is the bag with my Official Bag Inspector. He approves. Big enough for a water bottle, collapsible dog bowl, bandanna in case we run into girls and he wants to look good, and most importantly dog treats for our jaunts around town.
  5. Darn, didn't work. I'll try it again.
  6. GORGEOUS bag! Love the ruffle and Treesje leather is fabulous!! And OMG - your buddy is tooooo cute!:tup::tup:Double thumbs up!!
  7. Cute bag. Love the dog!
  8. Ooo that bag is fantastic! The details are beautiful and not over the top. Congrats on a steal!!! :smile:
  9. it!!! congrats! ur dog is adorable!
  10. [​IMG]


    You got a steal woman!
  11. Sooo pretty, I love the ruffles Treesje does! Oh and your dog is adorable!!
  12. Very beautiful bag. The leather looks yummy! I likey, and our dog is SO cute!
  13. It goes without saying the pup is the real prize. The DH and I are in a dog club that finds new homes for 100 to 125 stray and abandoned dogs in the upper midwest each year. I was asked to babysit this fellow for a weekend. Since DH was going out of town with his dog and my dog had recently died I jumped at the opportunity. The prospect of a lonely dog-less weekend was too much to bear.

    This old fellow had been picked up wandering the streets of Chicago dazed and disoriented. A lady in our club drove a couple hundred miles to the Chicago pound to pick him up hours before he was to be euthanized.

    He was immediately adopted out to a family. They returned him for silly reasons (smelly ears, needs dental work, sleeps too much). He was in quite a state when he was brought to my house for the weekend. Gray-faced, haggard, hollow-eyed. We didn't think he was going to live long.

    That was several years ago. He's turned into a pretty sleek, dapper, even handsome fellow. He is my constant companion and confidante. A wonderful foot-warmer. And my indispensable lifestyle stylist too! ("Don't worry, let's go for a walk. You'll feel better if you bark at squirrels.")

    So the moral of the story is: when you plan to adopt a new friend, check out dog rescue groups. There are lots of fantastic dogs out there in need of great homes. :yes: