Love my new Sabrina!

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  1. My large black leather Sabrina arrived a few days back but I only had a chance to open her yesterday - she's gorgeous! I'm officially in love, and am tempted to buy her in other colours. The large size is perfect for me, since I haul around a lot of stuff. I saw the medium in the Coach store, and there's no way I could ever carry such a tiny bag so I'm really glad I chose the large! Here she is - sorry for the grotty picture. My DSLR is spoilt so I had to use my phone's camera.

  2. She's fab!!!

    I think that all Coach Sabrina tags should come with the following warning!

    ATTENTION: Only purchase this bag if you are a total shop/Coach-a-holic and will have no issues financially or mentally buying a second, third and possibly a forth!!! If you plan on making this bag your one and only Coach bag, please put this item back on the shelf and proceed to another bag or your choice! Thank You for shopping Coach!

    I switch out of mine, then the weekend or a "night out" comes around and it's like she actually calls my name! You're gonna :love: her!

  3. congrats on your sabrina! :tup: your phone pic is super sharp! what phone do you use? :nuts:
  4. we are bag twins! have to tell you i keep switching out but always come back to this bag in a few days. it is one of my all time favorites. compliments every time i carry it, convenient, lightweight and sooooo amazing to look at. never knew a black bag could be so striking. i just love this one and hope you love carrying it too!

  5. ..Ditto!:yes:
  6. I have this bag in espresso- and I totally agree with everyone else. I am normally the one who won't carrying a black purse when wearing brown and vice versa- but this bag broke me of that and I carry it no matter what I'm wearing. When I change to a new purse, within a few days I'm back to her- and the only thing that has kept me from buying another is indecision on what color! Maybe i need two more....

  7. Thanks! I'm using a Samsung G800. The photo quality is nice in good lighting, but not in low light. The flash washes everything out, and shooting without it produces blurry pictures.
  8. It was a tough choice between the black and espresso, but I decided to stick with black first and see how I liked it. Espresso is a yummy colour, though! :tup:
  9. So pretty! I am determined to own a sabrina in the large size some day!
  10. :drool: Gorgeous! Congrats!!!
  11. Wow, awesome pic of your sabrina. Congrats.
  12. I want one too!
  13. Soo pretty and classy!!!!! Ahh I can't wait to get one! Glad to hear you love her!
  14. Love it, congrats! ♥
  15. Congratulations. Nice cell phone pic btw.