Love my new purse!

  1. I just got my new purse this morning! Its the 05 gray from tpf'er becca. Its in such good condition, such a perfect size, dont think i could be happier with it. I had never seen a purse irl, so i kind of went out on a limb.....

    but i am in :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not the best pics, but i tried to capture the color!

  2. It's beautiful, congrats!
  3. Beautiful!!! Congrats! What are the dimensions of the purse?
  4. Gorgeous! And kudos to you for taking a risk -- sometimes risks result in the nicest surprises!
  5. Love it!:yes:
  6. Gorgeous! I absolutely love it. You can never have too many purses, IMO:rolleyes:
  7. love your purse, love the color... love everything about it!!
  8. pretty!!! congrats :yahoo:
  9. gorgeous!
    congrats...she looks so pretty.
    i love the purse style too.
  10. Very nice and Congrats!!
  11. Wow! The Purse looks great in that color! Congrats!
  12. msflutter ... take a picture with the purse on pretty please? you are about my height right? i really would loved to see the scale...since i am still having 'purse confusion' re: sizing due to the one i saw at NM Vegas.
  13. Gorgeous! The purse is my favorite style. I have one now and one on the way. I love, love, love carrying my purse on my shoulder!
  14. eeps! i really really want a purse now! i'm missing it now...
  15. I love the purse in that color! Congrats, she's a beaut!!!