Love my new Prada! But have a few questions...


May 30, 2008
I got a new Prada hobo bag for Christmas from my parents and I am LOVING it!

I love the color and how slouchy and soft it is!



I have a couple questions I was hoping you could help me out with though (I've combed through this forum and haven't found specific answers).

- Does anyone know the original price on this bag? It was purchased from the outlet in San Marcos. I was there when it was purchased and picked it out, so I know what my parents paid for it, but am a sucker for knowing things were a "deal" so was curious about its original price. I found the bag online, but in a different leather, so wasn't sure if the original price was the same. I believe my color is from the 2012 Resort Collection.

- Any tips on caring for the leather? I've already gotten what I think are two tiny scratches on it, since its distressed, they don't really bother me, but I don't want to continue with any destruction. Also, should I worry about color transfer from my jeans? Its a lighter color so it worries me some.

- Lastly - the SA didn't fill out any information on the authenticity card with the store info or date, does that have any bearing on its resale, warranty, etc?


I appreciate your insight very much! It has been a pleasure perusing this section of the forum!



Dec 17, 2012
Lovely bag, yes indeed! Perfect for weekdays... :smile: I believe the original price is about 1500 euro ( someone tell me if I'm wrong! ).

I do believe you can resell it without any problems with the card. Mine is dated, but I've heard not all cards have the exact date.