Love My New Miu Miu Napa Patch Tote ... Pix to share!

  1. Wanted to post these pix here in case there was anyone contemplating buying this bag. I really love it. The leather is cushy and smushy, but pretty sturdy. The color is gorgeous - I think it's hand-painted just like the Pradas are... because there is some real color-differentiation that shows dark and light tones.

    Once you put it on your shoulder you can see how it just molds to your body and is a great bag overall! I highly recommend it. Enjoy!!! :yes:



    Pb300126_pf.jpg Pb300128_pf.jpg Pb300131_PF.jpg
  2. COngrats on your new purchase ! what a great find ! :tup:
    Love love love the bag,:heart::heart: the Napa look so great on you !
    Thanks alot for all recommend, i want one now ehhehee !!:p
    Enjoy !
  3. i love this bag! never seen it in this colour before! gorgeous! congrats!
  4. Looks great on you, congrats on your new baby!
  5. It looks so soft, I wish Miu Miu would go back to these soft squishy bags, the colour looks great too:tup:.
  6. That is beautiful! Thank you for posting the modeling pics, it really helps to see what the bag looks like on a real person.
  7. :nuts::nuts: LOVE that on you Pad!!! This better not end up in the return pile!!! It is you..I love it b/c it is different..very different...looks great on you (what doesn't!) and it's you're color !! XOXO!!
  8. Ohhhhhhhhh Love it Pad! It's a keeper, right?
    The color variation is beautiful!
  9. Thank you all for your kind wishes!! Very sweet!! :heart:

    TLN... I thought I'd be able to help someone out and see what this purse looks like *on*... it's hard to tell from a studio photo online! I had seen a girl carrying this 2 weeks ago on Montana and loved it! So I got lucky that it was on my mind... and then *on* sale!!!

    and Emmy... Yes! I don't think this is going in my "Returns" pile!! At least not this week! Lol. :nuts:

    JustoneMore... Yah - you got it ... I love this bag and it is a keeper! The alone color is divine!
  10. Thats beautiful. You will never complain about not having enough room in your bag. Enjoy...
  11. This looks so yummy!!! Love it and it looks wonderful on you.
  12. It's great that you love this bag and it does look good on you.

    I have one too, just opened the box today, but mine is going back. The gradiant color was so uneven it looked unnatural. It just goes to show all bags are not created equal.

    Enjoy it.
  13. I'm SO jealous of you having this bag Pad! You have the best taste! I've been wanting it for ages but others on my list have been trumping it. Need to make it a priority after seeing your pics!

    Did you get the Noce dark brown or the more caramel colored one?
  14. Hi mlowran!

    Thanks for the compliments!!

    I got the caramel colored one from NM... the link is posted in the first part of this thread. It's soooooooooo soft and squishy!! It's really beautiful. I didn't know it came in a darker "noce" color - I bet that's even more gorgeous -- the chocolate browns are my favorite. Thanks for the post! :flowers:
  15. Wow!!! Look at that leather! It is so yummy!