LOVE my new Louis Vuitton Trompe L'Oeil Pochette

  1. I really wanted a Pochette but was having a hard time finding something from the current LV line that I loved. Saw this on the celeberity thread and fell inlove, so when I saw it on eBay and I HAD to have it! It came in the mail today and I am SO happy I bought it!!!! :love::yahoo: I am wearing her tonight!

    I also bought another discontinued pochette on eBay and should be receiving that soon! Will also post pics when that comes in!!
    IMG_2162.JPG IMG_2176.JPG IMG_2181.JPG
  2. One more pic....
  3. I love it! Congrats! :smile:
  4. Congrats, it looks great on you ! :yes:
  5. love it too. very nice purse.
  6. I love it...want this bag..congrats,looks great on you...
  7. congrats, it looks great on you!!
  8. The velour line is definitely one of my favorites- so gorgeous!
  9. Stunning and looks great on you!:love:
  10. Gorgeous :love: Congrats!!!
  11. oh beautiful! congrats :biggrin:
  12. Wow that bag is look great wearing it!
  13. Oooo..beautiful! Congrats!
  14. that´s hot!!! congrats!!
  15. Ohhh I LOVE IT too! Yummy!