Love my new lilac accessory -"mini compagnon"

  1. So!! Today was the big day - Our one and only bbag-retailer in Denmark had a sale... :yahoo:50 % of everything in the store

    As expected not many bbags were displayed today, and the ones that were.. A medium Matelasse (Brown), A brown and an Anthracite weekender was snatched right in front of me (I would have bought the last mentioned if I had the chance - the leather was :drool: )

    Instead of crying I kept chanting violet-violet-violet...
    (I had actually promised myself not to fall in to the SALE-trap and just buy any purse 'cause it was reduced)

    AND - I didn't leave empty handed - I got of with the thing I actually came in for - The Lilac Mini Compagnon..

    I love lilac - and since I have gotten my Coin Purses I haven't used my Mulberry Wallet, so thought it was time to carry my stuff properly again.. I absolutely ADORE the Coin Purses, but they are not wallets!!

    So here she is.. It seems small in the photo - but it is actually quite big and roomy.. I have pictured it with my two coin purses for size comparison..

    2006, Lilac Mini Compagnon


    Inside - 5 Card Slots, storage for coins and notes

    A veiny but beautiful back


    Lilac accompanied by Rouge Theatré & INK :drool:

    Accessories dont count like purchases in my mind - but they do make waiting for Violet worth the while :yes:

    Hope you like her too!
  2. the color is sooooo grogeous!!! confrats on your find!!
  3. ooooh that is so pretty! Lilac is beautiful and I'm glad to see the Mini Compagnon isn't too small or too big - next on my list... Congrats on a great deal too! :tup:
  4. Congrats, I love the color :tup:
  5. Oh my god it is just gorgeous!!! I love the veins and lilac is just soo pretty!!! Congrats!
  6. That is a really lovely wallet and it looks great with your coin purses - you are starting quite a collection!
  7. Thank you all! - Bellenuit it really is a great size. Fits comfortably in the first, where I find the Compagnon to be more of a clutch size. Still want the Money too, though..
  8. :shame: What can I say... They are addictive!! All those sweet accessories, love them all.. Can't help it..
  9. I love ur new accessories...ur collection is growing and congrats!
  10. Thank you Celia...It is...:yahoo: But I have more accessories than bags by now.. Can't wait for the City to arrive!!
  11. So cute. :pCongrats.:yahoo:
  12. yay congrats!!! Lilac is a fabulous color!!!
  13. Congrats! I'm jealous :shame:
  14. your mini compagnon, MissM! Congratulations...
  15. What a cutie that is!!!:cutesy: I'm so happy you got what you went into the store to get!!!!:yahoo: It's beautiful!!!~ so are your coin purses!!!!:heart: