Love my new Latte Diego

  1. I ordered a Latte Diego from Shopbop on Wednesday and it arrived yesterday. I was contemplating whether to buy the lilac or the latte, but I'm really happy with my decision :smile: Latte is a beautiful color and I wanted something different (I already have a light grey Miu Miu bow bag) and it's perfect. I think it goes really well with the rose gold hardware too!
    innkjøp251.jpg innkjøp253.jpg antrekk347.jpg antrekk348.jpg
  2. Wow, I love this! I ordered a lilac rockie on Friday and I'm still waiting for this to come. I'm so sold on this color after seeing your pics! Now I'm debating if I should return the lilac when I get it and get the latte. So hard to decide!
  3. Congrats! Its beautiful! I love how pebbly the leather is:smile:
  4. Wow it is gorgeous!! Love it on you.

    An off topic question, but what lens do you have on your camera? Your photos are beautiful :biggrin:
  5. Love the color! Looks good on you too!
  6. Beautiful
  7. Lovely color, I like the rose gold hardware and I love that the tri studs are back, adorable, congrats on your new baby!
  8. Thank you :biggrin: It's from Canon and I think it's called EF 50mm f/1.8 I. I love it!
  9. Thank you :biggrin: I know the feeling! I had actually decided on the lilac because I thought the latte looked brown in the pictures on, but when I saw the Shopbop pictures I knew I had to have it. The lilac is really beautiful too, though!
  10. Wow I really like this bag... it looks great on you. I'm still trying to decide between Lilac and Latte for a Rocco.... I think I love both
  11. gorgeous! i love this combo! this is in my wishlist! looks great on u! :heart:
  12. This is gorgeous!!! I just got a ROCCO in latte too! LOVING IT :loveeyes:
  13. Karolinemk, may I ask your heigh?? I'm just 150cm and Im affraid a Diego would look too big on me, yours looks lovely!
  14. I'm 1,60m so I'm not that much taller than you :smile: The shoulder strap is adjustable too so I think you'll be fine. Thank you, sweetie!