Love my new hands free bag ...GET THIS BAG!!! ;)

  1. The best hands free bag!!!...JUST LOVE IT!! :nuts::yahoo:
    Congo 1.JPG Congo 2.JPG Congo 3.JPG Congo 4.JPG Congo 5.JPG
  2. That ones new isn't it? What's it called?
  3. I like the Congo line, congrats!
  4. looks great on you!
  5. Very nice.
  6. Cool...The net on the front is so cute! Congrats!
  7. great lv! Neat
  8. wow it looks really good on you! would never look that good on me that's for sure.
  9. That's a cute bag!!
  10. congrats!
  11. Love the new Congo!
  12. Love it! The first time I saw it was in one of Jill's threads (I think it's the same bag). Are they at the boutiques?
  13. ^^They should be by now, my store has them in the window.
  14. Very cute! Congrats.
  15. Wow what a cute, cute bag!!! Looks great on you too, congrats!!!