Love my new Ali...

  1. I just got a Black Signature Ali!!!!! It came to my door today! I love love love the bag, but it didn't come with a dust bag. :crybaby:I called customer service, and they weren't really very nice about it. What do you think I should do?
  2. Are you sure that there is no dustbag? If so, that's crazy! Did you check inside the purse?
  3. Yep... checked everything... there is just no dust bag, and it made me sad. :sad:
  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!:yahoo:

    They wouldn't send you one? Call back and get someone different. I received a bag without one and they sent me one of the new silky ones. If that doesn't work go to the website and find "contact us" enter the item number, bag name and tell them it arrived without a dust bag. That's how I did mine. It shouldn't matter where you got it from, but if you did order from Coach send a reply from your Coach confirmation.

    Oh, and of course you must post A PIC:yes: in the Ali Support thread . . .;)
  5. Thanks! How long did it take you to receive the dust bag from them? I just called again to see if the other lady put the request in for the dust bag, and the new lady said it was in the system, but they won't know if they have one until next week. What do you think?
  6. They could be waiting for new stock. If I remember correctly they sent it first class mail took about a week to get it. Give them the benefit of the doubt. At least you know they can track your contact with them. Good luck!
  7. I called CS for a dust bag and the girl started asking 20 questions. Where was the bag purchased, my name, what bag, who told me to call CS and on and on . After all the ?'s she tells me we don't send dust covers out from here.
    That was it, no dust bag for me!:nogood:
  9. Congrats on your new Ali!! Welcome to da club!! Hope you get a dustbag soon, very soon...
  10. It's lovely -- congrats!
  11. Thanks everyone! I hope I get my dust bagl :smile:
  12. I recieved my Ali in the mail yesterday and it also didn't come with a dustbag! I'm thinking about calling and asking for one, although I have an extra one from a Hamptons tote I use all the time and doesn't really get dirty so if I don't get one it'll be ok.

    I still hope I'll be able to get one!
  13. CS in JAX? Yes they do! That's the warehouse. They're getting tough.

    There are quite a bit of sellers on eBay who sell purses w/o the dust bag, and sell the dust bag separately. I've bought a few extras for my accessories. A lot of outlet bags don't include a dustbag and maybe those buyers call Coach for dustbags.
  14. I would call again. I would call the number they give on the coach website. Maybe another person could help.
  15. Ooohhhh they have silky ones now?? I have to buy something and get me a piece of that!

    and congrats badkitty for your awesome Ali!