LOVE my new 2006 Black Legacy Satchel

  1. I had bought the pond satchel at PCE, but the color and style just were not right together. I exchanged it for the black and I just LOVE it!! It smells SOOOOOOO good and is so soft and rich. It holds quite a bit but not as much as Mandy holds - I really needed something that was of adequate size in black. I have a few smaller black bags - even my leather Carly doesn't hold quite enough for an average day. I love the buckles on this bag rather than the 2007 version which has turnlocks - I already have turnlocks on my Mandy and Legacy Tote, plus I am worried they will break off like many have. As you can see from the pics, this can easily fit on my shoulder as well, but I find I usually grab my bags and hang them from the crook of my arm anyway, so the satchel style works great for me since the straps aren't too long. Also, that helps out my back. Please enjoy my new bag with me!
    IMG_3753.JPG IMG_3758.JPG IMG_3752.JPG IMG_3754.JPG IMG_3755.JPG
  2. Really nice! Congrats on a great bag! it's the best when you return something you're iffy about and end up with something you love!
  3. Looks great!
  4. LOVE that bag in black! Glad you exchanged for something you love! Enjoy!!! :yes:
  5. Beautiful bag!
  6. I highly recommend this bag for anyone who needs a roomy bag but maybe you weren't sure about the satchel style - PCE is coming again Sept 11!! You can still order this style at your Coach boutique - it is style 10330.

    Another feature I like is that the dogleash closure does not need to be clipped to keep the purse closed, yet leaving it easy to access what is inside.
  7. I have this exact same bag too and although I have not yet used it I love it!!! The leather is like butter!!!
  8. I have always loved that bag. It looks good on you so enjoy!
  9. Beautiful bag!! It looks wonderful on you!!
  10. I have this bag, as well, and I love it. It looks so awesome on you - enjoy it!! :yes:
  11. That bag + you = perfect!! :tup:
  12. It's gorgeous -- congrats!
  13. looks gorgeous on you. congrats.
  14. Verah nice!! Great pics and congrats!!
  15. Thanks, ya'll. It is great to always hear such positive responses on this forum! Everybody is either very friendly, or very tactful ;)