love my mj's

  1. I love my marc jacobs alfred bowler! I am about to get the trish duffle! Does anyone else have the bowler or trish duffle and love it??? Pro's, con's??????:supacool:
  2. Are you talking about the quilted bowler or the striping zip bowler? I love my striping zip bowler!:love: It's a great size and the leather is absolutely TDF!
  3. I have the quilted Bowler in Blush and I love it. Can't wait for spring when I can bring her out again.
  4. I just got the trish duffle but ended up returning it. I wasnt crazy about the duffle shape. i really want a hudson instead
  5. I like the trish but I prefer the look of the Hudson. I think it's because I love suede and leather lining in my handbags...even though it makes the bags heavier to tote.
  6. I bought the trish in august, still love it to death! Chose her over the hudson.
  7. i had both the hudson and the trish and just sold the trish. i bought it because it was such a great deal- but i too really prefer the shape of the hudson over the trish. the trish does have that shoulder strap though which could be a pro if you get tired of carrying it in your crook. bottom line i love both but love my hudson more.
  8. I like both bags, but prefer the shape and design elements of the Hudson.
  9. The Hudson I like more shapewise than the trish
  10. agree :yes:
  11. I just bought the Trish duffle in the black with the dark brown trim:yahoo: . I did look into the hudson though. Its nice the only thing that made me not buy it is I wish there was a snap in the middle. I dont like that the middle is just a big open space. :cursing: . But I am loving the trish! Very spacious I highly recomend this bag, not as heavy as my alfred bowler. :jammin: