Love my LV

  1. Lovely!

  2. An LV would be a great choice to start off a bag collection with.. :smile: I have an LV denim shoulder bag, I don't know what model it is but I know for sure that it's a limited edition because I haven't seen it carried elsewhere.. :smile: I just hate that patina sets in the leather parts of LV's and no way can it be cleaned to restore it to it's original color... I attached a picture of my denim bag here..


    I loved the red military shoulder straps!! :smile:

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  3. Contacted LV to ask price of the Daily PM and it was around $2000. Not really into spending that much on a denim handbag! Sooooooo, I checked out eBay and bid on and won the Denim Baggy PM. I will post pick once I have it in my hot little hands. LOL.
  4. oh the Estrella is a lovely bag to start your collection with... seems like a nice business tote/briefcase. Congratulations - enjoy it.
  5. It is an awesome "first time" purchase. I do find the Estrela a bit too big for everyday use though. When I chose it I wanted the most bag I could get for my buck (I was a complete LV virgin) LOL. So that was my excuse to buy my Tivoli PM as my everyday handbag.
  6. My second LV purchase (the addiction had begun) - Tivoli Pm. Originally had decided to purchase the Boetie wallet to use with my Estrela and came home with a handbag as well. Absolutely love the Tivoli! Great everyday bag.
    tivoli pm.jpg boetie wallet.jpg
  7. SSSooooooo.....then I got to thinkin' after seeing so many reader's awesome pre-loved handbags, that I would like to venture into the world of pre-loved as well. I went onto eBay and found this Saint Germain for a really great price. I had no idea what the name of the bag was until authenticated on good old Purse Forum. Thank you so much for your help!! I was looking for a smaller handbag and this one fits my needs perfectly. I am awaiting the delivery of my second pre-loved (Monogram denim baggy pm).
    saint germain.jpg
  8. Lovely!
  9. This is my second (and final for awhile) pre-loved LV. Monogram Denim Baggy PM. She will be my "beating around town" handbag. Just in time for summer. :smile:
    P2090376.JPG P2090385.JPG
  10. She's in a very good condition! Nice purchase! Enjoy it! :smile:
  11. great bag

  12. I'm not a big fan of monogram bags, but I like this one! The denim is really nice. Then again I wanted a denim couch for a while.... Either way, very nice bag.
  13. Beautiful bag, enjoy!
  14. When I go to TO in a few weeks shopping I am going to look into buying a longer shoulder strap for the Denim Baggy. I think I will love it more if it is not tucked under my arm. Will give it a different look too. :smile:
  15. I think L.V style can be timeless and practical also.