Love my Hubby!

  1. Now that it is no longer available I have decided that I love the Legacy shoulder bag in whiskey. I mentioned this to hubby not thinking he was paying attention. Well he just called me from a boutique and it sounded like he had a clueless SA helping him. He just called and said "you want whiskey not natural right." I could hear her in the background saying whiskey could be ordered.

    Anyway I can not wait to see what he finds. He is in San Jose and one of the great enablers on this board mentioned the Nordstrums had the shoulder strap in whiskey. Oh I hope he finds it.

    But our anniversary is not until next week anyway. I am starting to feel like a bad wife sending him on this big expedition when I have not even seen this bag in person.

    The legacy shoulder in whiskey is worth all of this right???
  2. LOL... YES!!! (I have it in a different color...)

    Good luck!! Hope you get some early presents!!:yes:
  3. What a sweet husband! And yes, the bag is totally worth it. I have 2 of them - one in whiskey which is a gorgeous color - and want a 3rd in pond!
  4. Aww, how sweet!
  5. he's a keeper!
  6. That is sooo sweet of hubby to go find a bag that you want. I think the whiskey shoulder is worth it!
  7. I wish my hubby paid that much attention to my Coach wishes! Lucky you!
  8. that was me!!!! yes the bag was at Nordstrom valley fair right inside the case!!! it was definitely the whiskey....oh how great for you
  9. Thank you Cathi!!! I hope he found it. And I really hope that I do not have to wait until next week.
  10. Woo-hoo! And don't forget that if Nordie's doesn't have it to try Bloomingdales at Stanford Shopping Center (there's a Nordstrom's there too.)
  11. Oh your husband is so kind, wonderful! Treasure him as much as the bag LOL
  12. They should make a Lifetime movie about these 2! "When Her Husband Went to Coach"
    Seriously, very nice of him!
  13. I agree, he is a great hubby. We have been married (almost) 13 years, and it just keeps getting better.
    I think the fact that he has 4 sisters helps. He understands purses and shoes. He will call them for help if he gets confused, it is very cute.
  14. :roflmfao: @ "When Her Husband Went to Coach"

    He's definitely a keeper!! I'm working on my boyfriend to that level--he's good with picking shoes and I'm getting him familiar with Coach...
  15. busymom i hope you see this in time!

    but there are 7 last time i checked, whiskey legacy shoulder bag at Post and Grant. you can still order them but if you want to pick it up and see it in person...that's the store to go to!

    hehe. 13 years is great! no wonder the title...:smile: