LOVE my FORESTA BV and Inferno Campeggio!!

  1. Just got these two new bags, and I'm sooooo in LOVE with this Foresta Buon Viaggio...It's SO DARN PRETTY!!
    (thank you Julie, for making this possible)

    Toki 014.jpg Toki 015.jpg

    And the Inferno Campeggio is just so much FUN!:devil:

    Toki 042.jpg Toki 043.jpg

    Oh, yeah! And the Caramella in Paradiso is also so adorable....:heart:

    Toki 052.jpg
  2. oh, all three are awesome! i love your your foresta bv. and i agree, the inferno is so much fun.
  3. nice bags! i love the placement on your foresta. so cute!
  4. Love your Foresta BV!! And your Inferno has pink ipod devil girl!!! :tup:
  5. FORESTA & INFERNO!! My 2 favorite prints!! CONGRATS!! Where'd you get these beautiful bags?!
  6. congrats on all 3 great bags!! Yay for inferno :biggrin:
  7. Thank you everyone, for your lovely comments.:flowers:

    Thanks! The BV was from a friend, and the rest was from the LeSportsac Outlet in WA.:smile:
  8. i love the placement on your you make me want one! where did you get it?
  9. oops. i didn't read the previous post. lol. aww...must keep an eye out for a foresta bv now...
  10. I REALLY love your FORESTA!! :biggrin:
  11. congrats !! too cute!
  12. Thank you! I really like the placement too...
  13. great bags!
  14. ooohh... nice bags! I :heart: ur forestaaa
  15. lovely bags!