(Love) My Dillards Haul :)

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  1. Wonderful finds at various Dillard's, at prices I can live with.

    (1) Black Madison Madeline E/W @ $119.00 plus tax

    (1) Chestnut Madeline E/W @ $119.00 plus tax

    (1) Saff Accordion style wallet in Toffee @ 50% - 40% = $62 plus tax.

    Now I can return my Madelines at the Coach factory store, as I paid a tad bit more for those. :smile:

    Went to another Dillards and a customer was returning the Phoebe small in BV.
    Scanned at 50% - 40% for a cool $106 plus tax

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  2. Fabulous prices! I want a BV Phoebe for $106!!!
  3. Wow! You can't beat those sales at Dillard's! I almost got trampled on New Year's Day!
  4. Wow beautiful you did good love them all.
  5. Great finds. Love them all.

    My Dillards had quite a few nice bags left but nothing I was looking/lusting for. LOL
  6. you did great!!! i love the purple phoebe and the black madeline.
  7. Nice haul!! I picked up a Madeline Flap Shoulder bag in Scarlet myself this weekend.
  8. Great bags for great prices! I wish we had a Dillard's here in MD :sad:
  9. Great deals!!!
  10. That's how it's done. :heart: Dillards. Congrats!
  11. Great scores, congrats!
  12. Great haul! Congrats!
  13. Great deals, congrats!
  14. Dillard's has the best sales. I found a few items at mine that I couldn't live without. For the prices you almost have to buy them. Lol

  15. Me, too!!!! And a Midnight Oak, and a Scarlet, and......well :graucho:
    Love your haul!!