Love my Coach store!(kinda long

  1. Ok so I know some of you remember my story about the last regular PCE when I didn't have a coupon and the SA's at the store in Galleria were snooty but ended up giving me the discount. I bought a large Black Carly then and they gave me the discount but I left with a really bad taste in my mouth. I ended up taking the bag back because I didn't feel good about it. I took the return to a different store and ended up buying something from the bleeker line instead without the PCE discount. Then a few weeks later an older bag I had broke and was sent in for repair.

    I got that bag back and the repair was fine but there was this black mark on the flap. It's suede and I tried to use the cleaning kit but it didn't come out. A lot of you gave me advice to take it back to the store. I went into my store today with the bag and they were soooo nice. They checked but that bag wasn't available anymore. It is from 2005 so that wasn't really a surprise. The SA helping me said they could send it back to JAX for repair and see if it could be cleaned and in the meantime I could pick out a bag today and get it at 40% off. I was so surprised at that. So I browsed and the bag I really wanted of course is sold out and can't be ordered.

    I didn't see anything catching my eye-except for the Large black signature Carly. So I bought it-again! My SO laughed at me but I got it at such a great price and it was a way better experience than when I got it before. I am so happy! I just thought I would share because I know you all would understand how I feel.

    Anyway-I am now part of the Carly club. I am also wondering what happens if they can't get the black mark off my old bag? Does anyone know will they just send it back to me or???
  2. Im glad you had a better experience this time! Congrats on the Carly (again!). I think I read on this site that if you took the discount they offered and got a new bag, then your old bag will not be returned to you.
  3. Did you go to MOA????
  4. The SA told me they would send it back to me if they are able to remove the mark. I got another receipt for 'repair'. I think they will try to clean it?? Although I have no idea how you can clean suede-anyway I was just wondering if anyone knows what will happen if they can't remove the mark.
  5. I did make it to MOA today and I stopped in the store- but since I didn't know your real name or what you looked like I didn't know how to 'spot' you. LOL I thought it might be kinda funny to ask around to the SA's if they belonged to TPF. I didn't buy anything in there it was busy and the people were getting to me. I took my bag back and bought my Carly at Southdale. That's where I ususally go, and that is the store that originally sent the old bag in for repair so I thought it would be best to take it back there.
  6. I think if they can't repair it, they will offer you a credit or offer to send the bag back to you as-is.
  7. No big deal, I actually didn't end up working tonight because I live in Wisconsin, they called me and told me to stay home. I do love the girls at southdale too. They are so helpful and very nice. I was there in september and was in there for a hour and only bought sunglasses, yet they were so nice! The MOA store is so busy, it's hard to handle it sometimes. I do love my co-workers there, too. :yes: Great place to work.

  8. I am glad you got to stay home. I live about 20 mins away normally from the mall but it took me a hour to get there.:push: I am a hard core shopper! LOL The roads were not good. And I am glad I didn't start asking around for you then....could have been a little embarassing. :shame:
  9. Were you all getting snow today too? We've gotten a ton! ICK! Anyway, congrats on your new Carly! That's cool that you got it back and now have a good experience connected with it! I hope your bag can be repaired too!
  10. Wow what a nice story. I think it's great that Coach truly stands behind their products. Not all companies do. And that's cool your Carly was 40% off this time around. That's gotta make you feel good.
  11. If they can't fix your bag, they offer you either: your bag back, or a credit for the price of the bag to use on new stuff. :smile: Can't have both! Yikes!

    It has nothing to do with the 40% off you got today :smile:
  12. Congratulations on getting a bag you wanted, and at a very nice discount! Enjoy her!!!
  13. Thats fabulous. Enjoy your bag!!!
  14. Soooo happy for you! I'm glad you got Carly back! (and @ 40% off- WOW!)

  15. wow! that's awesome. I really love my old bag but am starting to dream about what I would use the credit towards if it can't be cleaned. :graucho: