Love my Carly

  1. My DH now thinks I'm coo coo because I refer to my Carly like she is a person. For example, "Don't put Carly on the floor, she might get dirty." He thinks I've lost my mind. Why does Coach give their bags nice names if we aren't supposed to call them by their name? And wouldn't purses obviously be female and therefore a "she"? :yes:

    :drool: I should have bought her first and saved myself a lot of money. All my other purses sit forgotten and forlorn in the closet.
  2. lol! ur Dh should talk to mine. have been in carly heaven since monday. funny, i spend the whole summer hating on this bag and now she is my fave.
  3. It took me a while to really start liking Carly. Now I can't put her down. I'm sad though because I can't use her during the week because I work in a factory and she might get dirty.
  4. Hehe that's funny. I do that too sometimes. And my husband always points out the Carly when he sees it in stores. He says "hun, look its your Carly". Its cute that he remembers the name and look of my bags. Before he would think they all look the same until I started obsessing with Coach. I taught him so well! hehe.
  5. Nothing wrong with that.
  6. I sooooo want a Carly but there are no colors right now that grab me. I have four new brown bags and would really love to see a carly in tan, saddle or whiskey - all leather version. I am waiting to see what new colors are released for the Spring 2008. Hopefully I will love one of the new colors.
  7. My carly bag is the only name that my boyfriend knows. I refer to her as a "she" all the time. I don't think it's silly at all.