Love my BV! but collonil...?

  1. hi to all, I'm usually at the Balenciaga bags section but have recently come into a BV thanks to my wonderful DH.:yahoo: I love it but I'm really clueless re BV bags.

    I've done the search and collonil comes out alot to protect the bag. I normally use appleguard on my bbags. I dont mind getting collonil but my question is : does it only protect against water or does it protect against sweat/ grubby hands like mine?

    I want to keep the handle as clean as I can as its a light colur :sort of brown : camel or noce i think i'm really not sure. As a result I have not even taken it once in 1 whole mth! will collonil protect against sweat, handles darkening or just water?

    thanks so much.
  2. reformedlv, Welcome to the BV forum! We are a bunch of enablers here, so if you stay awhile, you will end up coveting and buying more and more BV! I don't personally use any leather protectors on my campana in limo (a light taupe color), and so far there is just a small amount of darkening on the edges of the handles, really quite faint and I can only see it because I am paranoid. I carry this bag everyday as my work bag, and it gets its fair share od sweaty grubby handling! I can only imagine that noce or camel would be as hardy, especially noce since it is darker than limo. Whatever you use, I say get that bag out and use it! The leather only gets softer and more luxurious the more you use it. BTW, what style of bag did you get and how did you find a DH who will buy you BV bags willingly!?!
  3. thanks so much, i feel better, i have been taking it out of the dust bag everyday and then just putting it back in.... lame...

    its a anniversary gift plus to make up for something he did...he's a klutz!
  4. Ahhh...use the bag--even a little sweat will give it character! A beautiful bag like that shouldn't stay stuffed in the dust cover--enjoy it!:tup:
  5. If you have a flat-handled or separate handle style (not a continuous tube like the veneta) you might spray collonil on the underside of the handle. Or try to get some For-Handles-Only that Loving My Bags sells for b-bags and use it on the underside - I wouldn't risk rubbing it into a weave on top or on a continuous piece. You need to bring your lovely new bag out of the closet!
  6. Don't have any input to add since I personally don't use any form of protection for my bags :shame:

    Just wanted to say a big HELLO to reformedlv for popping by the BV sub. :flowers:
  7. :blush: thanks. i seldom post just cause i never what to say.... its wierd coming over. i feel like i'm cheating on bbags!

    and i'm afraid its going to continue.... i'm taking my BV tomorrow and wil post pics!

    thank everyone for sharing
  8. reformedlv, welcome to the BV forum!

    you're not cheating on bbags. it's just like having a few children. more children, more love to go around. it's not a zero-sum limited amount of love.

    we all have lots of love to give, to our bags!

    btw, i don't spray my BV, because i love the leather smell so much that i'm always smelling it. figured that i shouldn't be inhaling protector spray!
  9. Welcome Reformed! I personally wouldn't use Lovin My Bags products on BV. I am concerned it would change the nature of the leather.
  10. Welcome, reformedlv! I'm new here too, and I don't care if I'm cheating on Hermes. BV is scrumptious. I do have to admit, however, that I feel I'm invading this forum. =(