Love My Bleecker Sig Large Flap!

  1. I just wanted to share a picture I finally took! My husband surprised me with this bag and at first I wasn't too crazy about it. I thought I only liked the nickel hardware, but after a few days of carrying her, I fell in love!:heart: It's the perfect size and shape for me (until my next coach! hee hee!) I just love the brass hardware and the length of the straps is perfect. I'm 5'10".

    I have since bought the matching wristlet and I plan on buying the matching wallet in the next couple of weeks. Probably the smaller one. It's NOT on the coach website. I already have a "L" with the brass hook that I love! I want the brass heart too!!

    Just wanted to share. Thanks for looking!!
    bleecker.jpg wristlet.jpg
  2. congrats!
  3. That is a beautiful Bag! It looks great on you too! Congrats!
  4. Thanks for the modeling pic. That looks great on you! It's fueling my lust for that bag in leather. I also want a wristlet. Very nice! :tup::heart:
  5. Looks great on you! I have this same bag in brown and love it! Congrats! That was very sweet of your hubby!
  6. That bag looks awesome on you! I love the black leather. Good choice! :tup:
  7. That bag looks really great on you! Congrats!
  8. I really like the brown too! My husband is almost as crazy about coach as I am. He loves going into the store and he's actually been in there more than me! The SAs know him! :lol:
  9. that bag is ssssoooo beautiful i am going to the coach store thursday and cannot decide if i want the sig or leather lrg bleeker flap help ladies lol.
  10. You are SO lucky. My DH waffles between tolerating my obsession and trying to understand it. I would LOVE it if he LOVED going in the store. Maybe if he got *lucky* ;) after each Coach visit, he would LOVE going to the store :roflmfao::wtf: Someone I knew a couple of years ago would get her DH drunk during a night out and then drive him to the mall and she'd load up on Coach and Victoria's secret. Back then I thought, "I'd NEVER pay that much for a bag or keychain." Never say never!!! :roflmfao:
  11. very beautiful~
  12. Congrats, looks fab on you!
  13. Oooohhhh looks good on you. I have the sig black one and I love it. The brass hardware is what actually drew me to it. Good choice! ;)