LOVE my Besace!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    After pestering everyone in this forum incessantly about purchasing a YSL Besace, I finally got one! I bought the volcano gold besace and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    I admit it IS flashy and loud, but that's why I love it! :P In fact, I'm so in love with the look, vibe and utility of the bag that I'm going to get another one!

    So, please help me pick which to get:

    1) Pebbled black leather; 2) Turquoise stamped suede; 3) Tan stamped suede


    (I'll post pics of my new beauty as soon as I find my camera!)

    oh, and thanks to vesna and everyone else who helped authenticate my new purchase!
  2. the turquoise besace is really really nice!
  3. Congrats!! I love my is the most comfortable bag to carry, no slippage on the shoulder strap!

  4. I am so happy you love it, my favorite bag so far is besace :biggrin:

    1) Pebbled black leather; I have it and love it, but some members had troubles with the leather peeling (I did not yet)
    2) Turquoise stamped suede; gorgeous, I would LOVE that as mu next besace
    3) Tan stamped suede - I would be a bit concerned about getting it dirty

    cheers, vesna
  5. Congrats on your new Besace -- I have the gold one also, and it is a great bag. I also have the praline croc stamped suede Besace, love them both-- good luck with your decision.
  6. thanks, vesna! you've given me great advice again!

    and llson...thank you too!!! just as you said, i love the gold!!
  7. Oooo...congrats on the gold besace!! I :heart: that bag - and I don't think it's too "loud" at all, I think it's SICK and gorgeous!!!

    And I have to agree with you -- vesna gives great advice!! :smile:

    Personally, I would go for the black one...since you have more of a "showy" besace at the moment, the black one would be a nice counter-balance.
  8. congrats!!
  9. Can't wait to see you gold baby!