LOVE my Batignolles Horizontal and Koala wallet!!

  1. :nuts: O.K..... so I took a step over from loving :heart: Balenciaga to loving my new goodies just as much:yahoo: !! Just thought I'd share with you too. I:heart:LOUIE!!:wlae:
    DSC03739.JPG DSC03738.JPG
  2. Yay!! I looooove the BH!! So has the LV addiction started??:yahoo:
  3. have both, love them! good picks!!!
  4. Great purchases!! I love them both! Congrats and enjoy!!!!
  5. You'll love that Batignolles Horizontal. I got mine on Saturday and can't take my eyes off of it. I do love that Koala wallet and would love to have one. Enjoy!
  6. I love all your purchases!
  7. Thanks everyone! I must say that it is VERY EASY to get addicted to LV also! Especially the small accessories:heart: :rolleyes: :heart:
  8. Wow:nuts: Lovely choices ,gorgeous and practical:love: :yes: Thanks for sharing:flowers:
  9. :love: i love your BH!!! i really DO love it!!!:love: actually, i love all BH's!!! :love: :love: :love:
  10. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am thinking about buying BH, too!!! Thanks for sharing the pics!
  11. And so it begins.....
  12. Congrats! Love your new goodies!
  13. Congratulations Rankskimmie, the BH is a great choice. Love your Koala wallet too! :smile:
  14. Thanks for showing us whats in your bag. I really like your wapity.
  15. Great choices!!!:yahoo: CONGRATS!!!