Love MJ Casey or qulited Messenger in dark grey...


May 18, 2007
Hi Ladies,

I need some help and input on two bags that I am loving..and I am new MJ fan (also love Prada, LV, and Gucci).

I like the dark grey quilted messenger and the Casey...I know they are both so different, but I can't decide which I would like or would make sense...

First, I saw the tote and loved it...this color is just TDF. Then, I tried on the Messenger...and OHMYGOSH did I love it. I never like Messengers, but this one is cool and classy.

So, the dilemma...which one?? I am a working mother of a 17 month old. I would like to use a bag for work, baby, and fun...I originally was looking for a "work" bag, but now I think I could use the messenger for documents and some things for work, and bring a laptop only if needed in my Gucci tote that I have had forever....(and the messenger would be on my body, so it would not really get in the way)...I am in sales...

OR, I could buy the dark grey tote and use it for all of the above, but I do buy lots of totes, so maybe I should step out? Dilemmas, dilemmas....

The other last thing...the messenger is more expensive than the strange??

Thanks in advance for your input...both are on hold for at Saks and one at Neiman's...ugh.


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Aug 30, 2007
Kansas City
Sorry, I'm no help on the messenger. But I tried the dark gray Casey on at NM, and I really loved it! In fact, I keep thinking about getting it!


Mika Luv!
Sep 7, 2006
SF Bay Area
I love the Casey! I've seen it and tried it in person. If I was taller, I would definitely get it. However, I am petite and feel that the bag is too big for me.

I haven't seen the messenger in person so I'm not sure...

Oh decisions, decisions :graucho: Let us know what you end up with!


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Sep 1, 2007
Land of OZ
I'm not a big messenger fan... So I would say the Casey. Plus if that would mean you only had to carry 1 bag, then I say the Casey for sure!