Love Mini Lin - does it hold up well?

  1. of all the speedys, i think i may like the mini lin the best. i love that it opens wide, that it's not a tight opening like the mono and the epi. i always had issue with getting zip scratches on the back of my hand.

    i bought it today... how has it held up for all you min lin owners that have had it for awhile now?
  2. Mine has!! It's quite a bit more durable than you would think!
  3. i have it and i really like it, i'm rough with my bags and it hasn't ripped or pill or anything. but i have a question, does ur tag (the one taht says made in france) on the back side say 30? because mine doens't and i bought it at the store.
  4. ooo, i don't know yet. i haven't pulled it out of the dustbag yet! just waiting to pull myself off this forum!!! i will look for you.