Love Me Mini question

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  1. Hi everyone, is there a longer strap that detaches on the LMM? Also for the Midi size, do you have to order that bespoke because I noticed it wasn't on the website.

    Sorry for these silly questions. I'm still trying to learn! Thanks! :shame:
  2. There is a longer strap that detaches off the LMM, yes. There is a bespoke for the Dark Grey LMM and there just might be one left (extras were made, apparently). Go email Jackie or Ashley and ask them about it. She also can answer your questions on the LMM. Go ahead, don't be shy about it. She does answer emails frequently.
  3. Thanks for replying! Also a general shipping question, on average, how long does it take to receive a bag after you order?
  4. DHL is just a few days (2-3) while Royal Mail is about a week, I think...