Love LV's Collection of Bags

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  1. I've been meaning to post here for quite some time now but haven't had the time until now! I've loved looking at everyone's bags so I thought I'd share the ones I have purchased over the years. I'm a bag fanatic and was absolutely THRILLED to have stumbled across this Fabulous Forum!

    Well, here it is..... presenting my constantly growing collection of bags!

    My LV :love::
  2. My Coach collection...:heart:
  3. My VERY small but LOVED Chanel...:heart:
  4. And my Gucci, Burberry, Fendi, Prada and Kate Spade :love:
    P4020270.JPG P4020271.JPG P4020272.JPG P4020273.JPG P4020274.JPG
  5. Finally a few chosen miscellaneous bags that I adore - Botkier, Dior and SF :heart:
  6. Great collection! You have lots of very pretty bags! I especially love your collection of Chanel and LV! And I have the same Marc Jacobs perfume keychain that you have on your Damier bucket bag! :smile:
  7. WOW! Great Collection! Love the Gucci Backpack! What is the name of it?
  8. Great collection! Love your Damier Bucket! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Thank you Queen_Kitty! It took a long time to collect those bags and they all have special memories for me. The MJ keychain is super sweet! I just love looking at it!

    And Thank you louislover260! The Gucci Backpack is terrific. I love that bag! I purchased that one in Spain with my Mother. But that was so long ago now!! About 14-15 years ago I think... I was hoping someone might know the name of it and be able to tell me!! Unfortunately, back then I didn't even think to save that information, and now I have a few bags I just don't know their names :Push:

    And Thank you wentworthsgal!! I've recently started using the Marais again (due to the rain) and I'm LOVING it!
  10. great collection!!
  11. Thank you peach6!! Hoping to add a Damier Speedy to the collection soon!
  12. What a nice collection. Especially like the Kate Spade.
  13. Thought I'd also take this opportunity to add a couple of Gucci accessories I adore. A belt my father brought back from Italy as a souvenir for me eons ago! And a lovely chocolate Gucci shawl (picture doesn't do it justice - Sorry! But I'm a horrible photographer!).

    And a pair of Coach flip flops that I truly love!
    P4030278.JPG P1080230.JPG
  14. Love the navy/red Burberry!
  15. And I also wanted to add a few more scarf/shawl accessories that I just LOVE!

    From left to right on the Bench back:

    My silk Coach scarf from Vegas
    My Baby Blue Pashmina with beaded fringe
    My silk Echo scarf - that I use as a hair band and wrinkle the poor thing terribly!

    From left to right on the Bench:

    My silk Furla scarf
    My silk scarf from Japan - a souvenir from my mother
    My silk Hermes scarf - beautiful scarf and I just LOVE the size!