Love LV

  1. Today I took out my Gucci leather bowler style bag and it is my most expensive bag....and guess what?? I missed my LV speedy 30...I actually prefer my least expensive LV made of canvas to my highest end leather Gucci which was advertised in fashion magazines....just had to share that.....
  2. yep, I totally know what you most expensive bag is my Lanvin Kansas, and all I can think about while carrying it is my beloved Speedy...there's NOTHING like a Speedy!
  3. hahahaha i totally get you
  4. I love speedy too, but where I live it seems like everywhere I turn around someone has a mono or damier speedy. So I just use my black mc speedy or red epi speedy when I feel a speedy fever coming on. But I do understand how you feel.
  5. I totally understand!!! Nothing else seems to compare to LV even if it is more expensive.
  6. ITA, i have a very soft leather gucci that was rare and hard to find, and it was double the price of most of my LVs but ive never used it
  7. I totally understand...I sold all of my "it" bags to go back to LV. I love, love, love my speedy bags!
  8. I understand where you're coming from. Monogram goes with everything-it's great!! It just seems like many other designers keep coming out with stuff that's more trendy and in style for one season and then the season is over and then buyers remorse sets in. The traditional LV's are forever-you invest in it and if you take good care of it your investment increases in value (thanks to the price increases and never going on sale). :smile:
  9. I so hear you. I have a few expensive bags from other lines. I take them out often to wear them, but I always end up putting them back and goig back to my LV's. One of the reasons, is that they are often not very practical. The leather scratches easily and they are often heavy. I hate bags that are hassles. I would so much rather carry my Neo Cabby or my Cabas Mezzo then my coffer or my Balenciaga GH Brief.
  10. I agree with you.
  11. i'm new to this and absolutely love LV, i think the prices are great for the quality!! I started my LV collection last october i bought the croissant bag in monogram which is now no longer made and is a great little bag, then i got my speedy 25 which is the best investment i ever made i practically wear it everyday!!! a couple of months ago i got the rosewood in the pearl vernis which is great for summer. i'm considering getting a long wallet too does anyone have any suggestions as to which style they like best, im thinking the standard monogram for it... i also have a little gucci bag and i love my lv so much more, goes with everything and are just so timeless compared to other brands!!!
  12. Gucci is just not the same as LV :yes:
  13. I know how you feel. Of all my bags, I use my LV's the most.
  14. I know what you mean too! ;)
  15. yeah it is true, gucci is not the same as LV! :smile: