Love LV BUT...

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  1. Last night I noticed that the price increase came a bit sooner as I had expected. It actually got me thinking, and I came up with the next question:

    If Louis Vuitton will increase their prices every year by 15-20 euro's, how will that affect your future purchases in 20 years or so?

    I mean the keepall 45 would be like 850 euro's (without shoulder strap) and the zippy 400 euro's! I usually dont complain about prices at LV and im not frugal at all but Im just concerned that I will eventually not be able to get as many LV as now.

    Do you TPF'ers think the same way about this?
  2. Yes sometimes I fret about that, but then I also remember that salaries go up and so do all the costs of living so in the end I don't think it will be all that exorbanent compared to the increases of everything else, will probably average out to close to the same over the years.
  3. Take it from someone (just a regular working gal...not a millionaire!) who has been buying LV since will always be able to afford it!
  4. the slight increases will NOT deter me from buying LV in the future. Some of their bags are reasonable and some are not. Just depends what you're willing to spend.
  5. I don't mind the increases when they are small
  6. I agree and though I make a great salary-I have a home car and vacations to attend to...
  7. If they are small I don't really notice them. It is the hype that scares me. It always sounds so bad.
  8. at some point, i will def. cut back.
  9. Wait...when did the price increase...did I miss something!!!

  10. i totally agree!
  11. ITA! It might rule out some of the more expensive bags for me, but I have a feeling that somehow I'll find a way to still get the ones I really want....hopefully!
  12. I remember when i bought my first LV in 1997, mono ellipse pm, it was £440, now it is £680!! But its true, economy changes as well as prices so LV do cost the same really. And i dont think any one here will ever stop buying ;) i wont
  13. Chanel had quite a large price increase so it's not surprising LV would have some kind of increase.
  14. That's nothing...some Chanel prices are going to increase by $600!!! :wtf:
  15. ^^Dear gawd! Chanel increases are absurd.