Love love my groom wallet think that I need..

  1. :heart: :heart: :heart: my groom wallet I think the matching agenda would look good or is that too matchy matchy....may ask for it for x-mas but, the time I make up my mind they will be all gone...those who have one please tell me how fabulous it is...wouldn't it be perfect with my wallet..ohhh so is going on my x-mas list...maybe santa will suprise me..:shrugs:

    SA are saying that the groom line will be gone by x-mas and that is it...they will never bring it back again...LE...I love the groom line especially the pieces with fav....doesn't my groom wallet look lonely...that agenda could keep him company...anyone get both in red???
  2. Its really up to you. Maybe you should sit on it for a week or so to see how you feel. You still have time

    I really thought this line was cheesy whem it first came out and it really grew on me from seeing everyones pics.

    Then I saw the wallet like your today in the boutique and now I must have it. I'm going to sell my porte tresor so I can buy it. i don't think that I needthem both because they are so similar.

    Anyway back to the subject ---I understand how you feel about liking it so much that you want another piece.

    Think about it for a bit and if you still feel the same way I say go for it. You don't want to regret it down the line.

    i love love love your wallet. Its even cuter in person.....and so roomy :yes:
  3. UUH yes it would:graucho: I haven't even used mine yet, i just take it out the dustbag to look at it:nuts:
    groomagenda1.jpg groomagenda2.jpg groomagenda3.jpg
  4. I'd see if your "santa" can get it now and save it for Christmas. Just don't buy it yourself, remember ;)