Love love Mono....but....need non mono accessories any suggestions...

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  1. Love love mono I have five mono canvas bags but, nothing else in mono appeals to me...the rivet or mono pleaty lines do nothing for me and I am a mono canvas lover.....this is sooo good for the pocket book...I carry a mono canvas bag everyday and love it but, maybe I have enough variation in bags that I do not need anything else in terms of mono handbags....maybe some sweet non mono accessoires to punch up my mono collection would be nice....I hope that I do not lose interest in mono canvas because it was a big investment to get a few...any ideas for non mono accessoires to go with mono canvas..I have the tulum pm, PH, LH, Speedy 30 and pouchette accessoire...I need to add ummphh to what I have:confused1:
  2. Wallet, cles or key holder in pomme vernis is a good accent for a monogram bag
  3. I LOVE the epi accessories, red is my fave, but all the epi colors are great!
  4. i love damier and vernis accessoires
  5. The multicolor koala wallet is adorable...all Louis goes with other is fabulous that it all compliments eachother!!!!
  6. There are so many accessories in various materials to choose from... I'd say pick what you like. What's your favorite color? From there go with Vernis for a nice punch of color and the smell of leather. There's also Epi in various colors. Since I'm a mono and a red girl my accessories are either in mono or rouge Vernis. I also have accessories in black Multicolor... Really, the sky is the limit. Have fun deciding!
  7. I actually like the way Damier and Vernis accesories look with mono. Here's my Speedy 25 with my Pomme cles. If not a cles maybe a bandeau or something?
    mono n cles.jpg
  8. I never thought that daimer worked with mono the idea of pomme anything...I think everyone on the planet knows that I love Pomme the pomme flat pouch worth the $$$$$
  9. Can you put MC with mono canvas...I was not sure if is a faux pas or not...vernis and epi are full proof...not sure about MC and daimer and azur and demin.....I want to look chic and MC I have the bag
  10. vernis for sure, or perhaps Inclusion speedy key chain?
  11. I bought the MC heart and I don't like the way it looks with the mono...damier maybe....

    That's just my opinion though.
  12. I have a lot of bags in the mono, and I also have my fave bag, the MC speedy...and my wallet is the mono...but it is my opinion that the mono goes with everything...I don't think anyone will look at you funny if you pull a MC wallet out of a Daimer bag...I honestly think that most (if not all) Louis is so classy and versitile, that you can mix and match just about all of the pieces!:yahoo:
  13. Pomme agenda!!! Didn't you want an agenda??? Did you already get it??? Also, for not as much punch, I think Noisette is underrated and a beautiful color, would be very classy with mono, redheaded plum has an agenda and I love it whenever she shows it! Keep us posted!

  14. anything epi mandarin would punch some mono....
  15. a nice vernis or epi will pop with you mono!